Clued-In Content Creation Sessions

Friends don't let friends write alone.


ALLLLLL your weekly emails to your list…

Written by you. Perfected. DONE.

Through the end of March.

And ready to get opens, clicks, replies, tons of loyal

And, best of all, sales!

—ALL before the end of the year.


Join Me for a Clued-In Content Creation Session

You, me, and a group of cool people.
Writing our emails TOGETHER. LIVE.

December 17th 1-4pm; December 22nd 9am-12pm; December 29th 9am-12pm.

See what some of my clients have to say...


“Brittany has a magic wand that can make anything you’ve written or anything that’s brewing in your head come to life and make an impact, not only on your audience, but on you, too.”

Roma Bajaj Kohli

Spiritual Life Coach at Wellness by Roma


"Brittany is a fucking magician with words."

Jennifer Brick

Career Bestie at Jennifer Brick TV




"It's hard to find someone with the ability to blend creative energy with practical application so when I found that with Brittany I knew I was in good hands from the start."

Mike Coles

CEO at Choose Your Reader

How would it feel to...

Have all your first quarter emails DONE and scheduled

Be able to kick back and not even have to type a word and magically have cash-creating emails ready to go?

Not have that ugh-it’s-friday-and-i’ve-ghosted-my-list-again feeling

Open an inbox filled with replies like “I love your emails.”

Have people begging to work with you

Get stripe notifications and think “huh...must have come from that email I scheduled months ago”

It's Time to STOP the Struggle. And IGNITE the Revolution.

I'm Brittany Love, founder of Revolutionary Presence. I help mission-driven entrepreneurs and changemakers create irresistible email marketing so they can make money, be the change, and leave their mark on the world.



You'll have an option FROM THREE SESSIONS.
Sessions are $95 each
(or get a 19% discount when you book all three).

Sessions will be held:
December 17th from 1-4pm

December 22nd from 9-12pm

December 29th from 9-12pm


Each Session we'll meet on Zoom and:

(1) Set the stage for writing together

 (2) Have 3 focused writing sessions

(3) Take breaks so we don't burn ourselves out.

(4) Come together to share what we've created.

(you won't be charged until the next step)

More Questions?
Email me at