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Build Your Brand
& Get S#*t Done

Do You

Struggle to connect with the clients who want EXACTLY what you have to offer?

Feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and like you're being pulled in a million directions?

Feel like your constantly putting out fires (and starting to suspect maybe you started them...)?

Think... "Maybe I'm just fooling myself. Maybe no one really cares about my mission."

It's Time to STOP the Struggle. And IGNITE the Revolution.

All those fires you're putting out...
they're a sign that you're not aligned with your purpose.
And once you connect your purpose to your inspired and aligned actions..
you can get that easy-feeling business you've always wanted

Igniting Your Revolutionary Purpose Puts Out Those Fires

Welcome to the Revolution

Make Money. Be the Change.

Revolutionary Presence Incubator is the ONLY 6-week incubator
specifically designed to tackle the most pressing project you need to
build your mission-driven brand.

During this 6-weeks, you'll work on THE most important project
to move your business forward and align
your purpose with platform
so you can be the change you want to see in the world
and lead the movement you were born to lead

See what some of my clients have to say...

"I've worked with Brittany a few times now and I keep coming because I appreciate her creativity and attention to detail. It's hard to find someone with the ability to blend creative energy with practical application so when I found that with Brittany I knew I was in good hands from the start."

— Mike Coles

"Brittany you will live in my heart always. Every time I write I remember you.
I will always be grateful for your endless support and guidance."


"Brittany is a fucking magician with words."


Projects I've helped my clients implement:

Creating your Offer or Program Materials

Launch Materials

Website Realignments (Copy & Visuals)

Welcome & Nurture Sequences

Don't see it on the list? Book a Consultation.

What does lack of purpose look like?

When you're just starting out...

  • Shiny object syndrome...every week you'll have a new idea about what service you can offer in your business
  • Overwhelm. There's just SO MUCH TO DO and not enough hours in the day.
  • Existential angst with each decision you make. Because really...you haven't figured out how to blend purposeful decision making with money making.

When you're more established...

  • Lack of drive...you're just not sure why you're doing this anymore. Money's great but... there must be something MORE.
  • Overwhelm. There's just SO MUCH TO DO and not enough hours in the day.
  • Thinking "maybe I can find purpose somewhere else...at least I'm making good money."

As a mission-driven leader, I've had people look at me like I have six heads.
Been told that I'll "never make money that way."
And that nobody cares if your products and services are ethical.
That business is just business.



That's how much b-corps (ie certified social impact businesses) grew in the last recession.

Just to be clear...when the world's economy tanked, businesses that put social impact first grew leaps and bounds.

the formula for an unforgetable brand.
purpose + intentional action = mission-driven

That's great...but why hasn't it worked FOR ME before?

For a bunch of reasons...

  • Most people think of branding as shiny stuff.
  • It's rare to find someone with training and experience to help others live in alignment with their mission- EVEN IN difficult and traumatic circumstances- WHO ALSO understands the importance of a solid brand.
  • Many people who claim to "help" blame your lack of success on mindset issues instead of helping you reframe your negative stories and find actual, practical solutions.
  • And almost nobody helps you bridge that gap between discovering your purpose and intentionally choosing your brand direction so you can make the positive difference YOU want to make in the world.

I'm Brittany Love, founder of Revolutionary Presence. With 6 years in digital strategy and 15+ years as a minister, I help mission-driven entrepreneurs and changemakers stop hiding, get seen, and build their brand so they can make money, be the change, and leave their mark on the world.

And I know EXACTLY what other brand strategists aren't telling you...

It isn’t about the surface stuff.
Mission-driven brands think about
how their decisions impact their
audience, clients, vendors, and the world
from start-to-finish.

The problem is that you’ve been trying to clarify your purpose and mission with one coach while creating your brand strategy with another.

Just Imagine...

BEING the revolutionary presence who can MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE in the world through their business.

KNOWING you have 100s and 1000s of raving fans joining your mission--that you were born to lead

FEELING confident that you know EXACTLY what your purpose is and that it's embedded into your work and your brand.

What You Get In
Revolutionary Presence Incubator


Instead of thinking about purpose as just something you're passionate about. You'll connect it to something every other brand and life coach forgets...how you impact PEOPLE.


You'll get the exact action steps
to tackle that bugaboo project so that you finally get the clients, visibility, and cash YOUR mission deserves.


You'll receive the training and guidance to create a platform that reflects your deeper mission and connects with the people who are ACHING to join your movement.


We'll meet for 1 hour at the beginning of the incubator and have two more 30-minute sessions so you have the objectives and are on track to complete the project that is holding you back.


Each week we'll touch base through office hours or email to make sure your goals are on track and you have the support you need to get there.


We'll have a general weekly advisory PLUS WEEKLY HOTSEATS so you can get my eyes on your work each and every week and get the feedback you need to move forward with confidence.


You'll get:

  • Initial Strategy Session (1hr)
  • 2x Follow Up Strategy Sessions (30 minutes)
  • Weekly Topics & Hot Seats to get my eyes on what you're creating.
  • Weekly check-in to make sure your on track





then join Revolutionary Presence Incubator

Starts September 13th

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